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In-home euthanasia is a gentle, compassionate, and peaceful way to say goodbye to your companion. Being at home where your pet is most comfortable, and surrounded by family and loved ones allows for a meaningful way to celebrate the life of your pet, and allow you and your family to grieve privately.


The process begins with the administration of a mixture of medications that provide anxiety relief and sedation. This causes them to fall deeply asleep, so they do not experience any anxiety or discomfort. The final injection is an overdose of anesthesia given through a vein into the bloodstream. This is a painless process that causes your pet to relax further, and gently fall asleep.


Aftercare of the body may involve burial at home, group cremation where no ashes are returned, or private cremation where ashes are returned to you.


Please click here for pricing information for In-home Euthanasia.

Services are available to residents in the greater Milwaukee area.


Contact me with questions, or to schedule an appointment.

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