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Dr. Alli would love to hear your feedback! Simply complete the form below to submit your testimonial. You can even upload a picture of your furry family member if you would like!

"There are so many special things about Dr. Ali that makes her great! She is genuine, she is available for questions without having to make an appointment, she really cares about her clients, the well being of all animals and has the most amazing "bedside manners" I have ever experienced within a vet. 

The first time I brought my dogs to her, she sat on the floor with them. SHE got down to their level, instead of me having to place them on a table. Not only was this incredibly sweet, but it seemed so natural and what a great way to earn some respect from her new patients. She took her time with them, she talked with them, gave them treats and they really liked her. 

The second visit we had with Dr Ali, was when our dogs had dental procedures. My husband dropped them off and a few hours later said, you know what? I never looked back after I dropped them off, I didn't

think about them until now....this must say a lot about Dr. Ali...that I completely trust that they are in good hands. He was right, they were....I knew it, but it was really telling to hear these words from him. Its always scary sending your pups to be put under for a procedure and knowing there are risks involved. 

Our most recent and last experience with Dr Ali was probably the most important one yet. We had a senior dog that we fostered and adopted. He was 13 years old, had Cushing's Disease ....along heart issues and dementia. After months of attempting to help him find comfort, endless questions, etc, we decided it was time to help him find comfort. Dr. Ali performed a home euthanasia, she assured me that the time was right (in fact, probably should have been done sooner), she sat  on the floor with me, talked to me about each step and also told me a hopeful story about our pets waiting for us. I will never forget this moment, her kindness, her PROFESSIONALISM, and her over all spirit. As she left with my dog and placed him in the back of her car, she uncovered his head, as though he really was just sleeping. Love and respect, for the living and now the non-living.....that moment was extremely meaningful, thoughtful, and beautiful. 

I feel so fortunate to have found such a kind, knowledgeable, and dedicated person to take care of the furry members of our family." ~ Jess, "Beezer" & "Elliott", Milwaukee


"A co-worker of mine just lost her pet over the weekend. She was telling me how much she loved the veterinarian who came to do the at-home euthanasia, explaining how compassionate she was. I asked her to send me the information for the vet, for future reference, as we have a couple old pets in our family. The minute I visited the website I was pleasantly surprised to see Dr. Alli Troutman's name. I told my co-worker Dr. Alli was the regular veterinarian we go to and how we really liked her for taking care of the health needs of our own 2 pets. My co-worker has one older pet still at home and I told her I highly recommend Dr. Alli for taking care of the health needs of pets; she is just as compassionate and caring for the well-being of pets, as well as understanding the needs of pet parents. My co-worker will be taking her last and final furry family member to Dr. Alli.

Dr Alli is the kind of vet that everyone is looking for and really hard to find in this day and age. It is NOT just BIG BUSINESS with her. She actually has care and concern for both you and your pet. She understands you want your pet to be healthy and happy and yet there comes a time when all the MONEY/TREATMENTS in the world will not cure your pets' pain. My co-worker said her experience with Dr. Alli shows that she understands this period in the human/animal relationship; a time to say Goodbye, and helps ensure your companion does not suffer pain needlessly." ~ Carla, Milwaukee


"I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Alli Troutman. She is an experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate veterinarian who truly puts the comfort of her four-legged clients first. She has a solid, well-rounded education in western and eastern medicine, along with a special interest in whole food nutrition and positive reinforcement training; this combines into an informed, holistic doctor that respects the emotional and physical well-being of her patients. Dr. Alli is a caring individual who is an undeniable animal lover to the core.


As a pet owner and certified dog trainer, I cherish the effort and dedication Dr. Alli puts into her profession, which is translated directly to the care she provides to her clients. She proactively ensures visits are as stress-free as possible for each and every patient. She takes the time needed to keep her patients safe, comfortable, and happy. She works with the pet owner and openly discusses their pet’s health and shares her knowledge to help them make educated decisions.


Her honest, no-nonsense approach to my own dog’s challenging health issue helped us address the root cause that had been cultivating for close to 18 months. She openly discussed an appropriate plan to diagnose and treat the problem, instead of simply pushing a prescription at us and rushing us out the door.

Dr. Alli is an amazing asset to the Milwaukee-area animal community. She cares about developing - and maintaining - relationships with her patients. I am honored to have her as my own canine companion’s pet care professional, and feel 100% confident referring her to my training clients who are looking for - and deserve - the absolute best veterinary care for their furry family members. Thank you for everything, Dr. Alli!"

~ Laura, Aaron & "Oscar", Wauwatosa


"I rescued a 10 month old Great Dane/Hound mix last year and quickly discovered he came with several different emotional struggles, the worst of which was the separation anxiety displayed when he was to be left alone. I had worked with another vet but through the animal behaviorist's suggestion I looked up Dr Alli and have never looked back. She truly has the most compassionate soul when it comes to animals (and their sometimes neurotic humans)! She sat on the floor with Hutch and got to know him as an individual pup. She never once suggested that he be returned (like several other people had strongly urged) and she continues to work diligently with me and Hutch as we navigate his peculiarities! I feel so incredibly fortunate to have fallen into Dr Alli's loving and integrative care - she truly is the best vet around! I never wonder if Hutch is receiving the best care because with Dr Alli it is never a question. Her heart is gold and her soul is bursting with love for all kinds of animal friends!!" ~ Melanie & "Hutch"

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